Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Atlanta

BFA Animation 2014- 2018

Computer Software

 ToonBoom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, After Effects, Premire Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, TV Paint, Maya,       Cinema4D, DragonFrame

Professional Skills

2D Animation, Pre-visualization, Character Design, Illustration, Color Scripting, Storyboarding, Video Editing, Stopmotion Animation, Stopmotion Fabrication

Work Experience

Storyhaus - 2018
Animation Intern

-3 month long internship where I worked with the Directors of Flirting with Azrael to produce and 2D animate a musical number featured in the film. Also took part in StoryBoarding for the opening sequence of the film. 

HomeCooked (Student Film) - 2018

-This was my senior project that I oversaw for over a year. I worked with a crew of over 25 people,
ranging from animators and background artists, to compositors and sound. It was the first project
where I had full creative control over every aspect of the film, and took part in producing as well.

GROW (Student Film)- 2018
Lighting Artist/Fabrication Artist/StopMotion Animator

-Fabricated sets for GROW using different materials at hand, and set up lighting for sets for shoot days. Took charge of character

animation for certain shots under supervision of Director.

Adult Swim IDS - 2017
Colorist/2D Animator/Cleanup Artist

-Collaboration with Adult Swim and the Collaborative Learning Center. We were given the opportunity to work on small teams to create short 30-40 sec ID bumps for on-air advertisements. I took over color for entire project and worked with a crew to do rough animation and cleanup. We mostly used Toonboom Harmony and After Effects to achieve the look we wanted. 


Happy Hour (Student Film) 2017
2D Animator/Rough Animator
-Worked directly with director to plan out character acting and animation

NanNan (Student Film)  2016

Featured in ASIFA South Animation Conference
2D Animator/Rough Animator and in-betweening
-Animated under supervision of director for various shots

Abnie Okafork: A Tale of Self Preservation (Student Film)  2016

Featured in ASIFA South Animation Conference, Cucalorus, South by Southwest
Stopmotion Animator
-Worked on making Stopmotion effects

Savannah College of Art and Design 2016
Summer Programs Assistant
-Worked on teams to lead and organize SCAD Summer Seminars and SCAD Rising Star
-Lead student activities alone and in groups, and provided live-in assistance for students

Princess Cottongrass  2016
Stopmotion Animator
-Worked with paper puppets and DragonFrame on various shots

Awards and Activities

2016-18 | Treasurer  | SCAD StopMotion Club Atlanta     

2014-18 | Dean’s List | SCAD Atlanta     

2017       | Adult Swim CLC Participant | SCAD Atlanta     

2017       | Generate - The Third Floor Productions | SCAD Atlanta     

2014-18 | Multicultural Scholarship Recipient | SCAD 



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